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Community Partnerships

Central Valley Partnership

The Central Valley Partnership has set the emulative example of how smart organizing and facilitation can break down barriers and create alliances where none previously existed. Candidate Forums, Income Inequality actions, Bus Rapid Transit testimony, Healthcare Forums to enlist disadvantaged communities in the AHA, farmworker food drives and community organizer trainings are a few of the 2013-2018 Partnership activities. 

Northern California Partnership

CGP's newest California partnership is centered around the Cannabis Removal on Public Lands Project (CROP), a campaign seeking to remove illegal cannabis grows, known as "trespass grows", from California's federal public lands. These grow sites harbor copious amounts of EPA-banned and restricted pesticides, like Carbofuran, Sarin-based Malathion and Brodifacoum, that actively contaminate watersheds and soil, and poison various populations of wildlife, as well as unsuspecting users. Trespass grows divert egregious amounts of water from tributaries and rivers, significantly reducing surface flows to communities and further imperiling native fish populations. CROP is actively working to secure federal appropriations to help provide the extensive resources required to reclaim trespass grow sites and put more USFS rangers on the ground. CROP seeks to make the environmental and public health impacts of trespass grows widely understood, and in doing so unite the left and right interests to cooperatively tackle this multi-faceted issue.