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We are excited to announce that CGP, along with key partners, has launched the CD3 Sierra Regional Partnership, an alliance dedicated to building organizing power across the Sierra region by creating connections between political, conservation, labor, small business, social justice and environmental interests.



CGP breaks down long standing barriers between conservation, labor, small business, and social justice and environmental justice organizations to form and facilitate pragmatic, action- based progressive partnerships, emboldening and empowering community leaders to strategic action throughout California.


CGP is committed to you, and to change. Our goal is to see key social and environmental issues raised through new community alliances and ground-breaking campaigns. We address key planning and conservation issues with new tools, and make our partners' work more effective. We convene, train, facilitate, mentor, advise, and prefer that others take the credit.


CGP recently graduated its 560th community organizer from its training arm, The California Organizing Academy (COA). Of that number, 27 of those graduates have been elected to public office and more than 30 are running non-profits, most of them women or people from communities of color.

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Congratulations to the graduates of our spring 2024 Loomis Organizer training!

"As someone who has been an activist for years, been on the board of non-profits and also a Congressional candidate, I wondered how much I would learn in the training. The answer was - a tremendous amount! The structure applied to how to approach and frame campaigns will benefit anyone, from someone new to this world to an experience-hardened long-timer. I have used these learnings every day since returning. And the connections we made with other like-minded people across our district are priceless. They have already made us a more cohesive community. The guest speakers provided wonderful insights and were very motivating. Thank you Rich, Francesca, Mattea, David, and Adam! I look forward to future sessions.

Christine Bubser, California's 8th Congressional District 2020 Democratic Candidate

"There was a lot packed into two days. For me the most influential take away was the importance of knowing where power comes into any and all interactions with people. Power in the sense of how to initiate chance, who has influence to do so, how to effectively work with that dynamic; this was solidified by role playing. As participants we fell right into our usual way of interacting but once it was highlighted and questioned, where is power dynamic, I feel everyone realized, ok now we understand.

I thank you for this realization. Those who participated are definitely people I'll be working with in my future efforts. "

Thurman Roberts, Workforce Development and Training Coordinator, Tribal Outreach, CHIPS (Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions)

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